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Life isn't serious, People are.

Quote for the day:Think like a dog. When situations arise, If you can't eat it, Or hump it, then piss on it and walk away.

Road Rage

It seems as though recently that there is a complete disregard for decency towards others. I am not sure if it is because of the time of year, or if some people are just losing the sense of others around them.

This time of year is hard because there isnít much to do as far as events go. It is a long stretch between New Years and March when it starts to warm up. People start to get restless. They get tired of the same routine and they donít take off as much time trying to save it for summer months. The toll for their built up aggression is taken it out on others. They develop road rage, they grab stuff out of your hands at the grocery store, and they take over your space where you go. It seems as though they are daring you to challenge them. It doesnít matter when or where, they just lose what my dad use to say ďThe sense god gave a piss antĒ....

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